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Paste & Mastic Spreaders

Paste & Mastic Spreaders
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10" X 4-1/4" Soft Grip Smooth Edge Trowel, Labelled..
11" X 4-1/2-3/16" X 5/32" V Notched Trowel..
3" Value Series 1/16"X3/32"X1/16" Square Notch Adhesive Spreader..
776Sd 11X4-1/2 Notched Trowel 1/4X3/8X1/4 Sq. W/Durasoft Hndle..
Ceramic Tile Notched Trowel 9-1/2"X4-1/2" - 1/4" X1/4" Sq Notch..
Lino & Asph Tile Cement Spreader Notch Style K..
Premium Trowel Tpr Handle 4-1/2"X11" 3/32" Flat V Notch Angled Blade..
Premium Trowel Tpr Handle Notch Spec Stamped On Bld 4-1/2" X 11" 1/4"X1/4..
Premium Trowel Tpr Hndl 4-1/2"X11" 1/4"X3/8" Sq Notch Angled Blade..
Soft Grip Combination Trowel Sntu1/Snts1, Labelled..